Service With Substance

Helping companies create moments that matter for their consumers.

Personalized customer service -#1

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We consistently deliver personalized on brand interactions. Working with you and your team to craft your brand's voice and understand your customers the way you do.

We start with the right people. Hiring and training associates to deliver brand values, voice, processes, policies and system navigation. 

We continuously educate our associates. Empowering them to tackle every scenario.

Conversations delivered how and where your customers are - #2

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Communication channels offered & reporting across them including: email, chat, phone, sms, social and self service
- predictive proactive chat providing customers online support when and where they need it resulting in conversion rates seven times that of the overall site conversion rate and adding significant incremental revenue

Consulting / ongoing improvement we actively partner with you to get better - #3

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True partnership means that you, your team and company benefit from our collective and extensive customer experience.
- we use the valuable insight gained from thousands of customer interactions to deliver memorable and effortless customer service experiences
- we continuously study the customer service environment to ensure we are always at the leading edge of customer service strategies and technologies

Day to day management/ scaling - #4

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We take care of everything required to take care of your customers including:
- talent acquisition, training, daily management, quality control and reporting
- flexibility to grow or shrink staff staff count with a minimum notice period
- regular communication, ongoing weekly status meetings
- dedicated staff, meaning that team members will be completely focused on your customers and your brand, we feel this is very important        

Systems Support- #5

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We can build a custom support solution with business rules and automation that will enable you to run your business with the smart, consistent, high quality service you desire
- establish communication channels including: email, chat, phone, sms, social and self-serve
- setup internal and customer facing help centers (FAQs)
- design and build custom reporting to provide insight into all your internal service metrics
- train internal team to maintain and enhance system