Built for Your Business

At Compass, we offer customized solutions for each of our clients. As an expert in customer care, we are the only partner your brand will need to offer a truly omnichannel experience across the channels that matter most to you.


We take a deep dive into your brand to fully understand your customer service challenges and opportunities. A thorough and analytical approach allows us to understand your customer profile and determine the best solution to support your business' growth.


Based on our analysis of your business, we will propose a custom solution for your needs. We will determine the best platforms to reach your customers and the amount of support your brand requires. To provide the best care possible for your customers, our team frequently reviews your brand's needs and makes dynamic adjustments to your support.


We develop and deliver bespoke strategies, building on long-term learnings to enhance customer experience with every interaction. Compass' customer care drives customer conversions and increases retention rates.

Our Solutions

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience thanks to faster resolution times and multiple contact channels. Allow your customers to reach you at their convenience and where they are most comfortable by offering around-the-clock service via email, phone, chat, social media, and more.

How we accomplish this:
  • An actual omnichannel experience using the latest technology to provide top of the line experiences with your brand.
  • Reporting tools and data to improve your business continuously.
  • Custom solutions based on the needs of your business and the customers that interact with it.


Increase your customer loyalty with meaningful experiences. Our services will help simplify processes, allowing your brand to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) while decreasing the level of effort required to keep customers happy.

How we achieve this:
  • We have a highly-skilled team with a low turnover rate, allowing you to feel confident that our team knows your brand.
  • We offer continuous training and growth with our employees so that they grow while your brand grows.

Tech Support

Our in-house technical support team allows us to set-up and maintain a sustainable multichannel customer experience for your brand. Using tools such as Zendesk or Looker also enables us to provide robust reporting about your customers and their needs.

How we accomplish this:
  • Our in-house technical support team allows us to integrate with whatever customer service platform you choose to use.
  • We integrate our reporting with some of the most common customer service platforms, including Zendesk, Gorgias, and Kustomer.


Advance your brand presence by conversing with customers on your social platforms. We are committed to offering cutting edge customer experience technologies that will provide your business with essential data, allowing you to efficiently segment customers and tailor your offerings.

What makes us different:
  • We use methods like WhatsApp and Messenger to start exciting conversations with your customers.
  • We tackle customer concerns brought to your brand through your various social channels.
  • We provide reporting that can unlock information about purchasing decisions and help you better segment your buyers.

Revenue Growth

We are committed to helping your business transition into the omnichannel world. Our services allow your customers to stay in touch with you on their preferred platform, including ones your brand would not typically use. Our vast reach will allow you to receive more feedback from more customers, ultimately driving additional revenue to your brand.

What are clients are seeing:
  • Compass' clients see a higher AOV (Average Order Value), fewer returns, and an overall higher conversion rate due to the service offered by our customer service professionals.
  • Increased customer retention and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) by creating loyalty with every contact.
  • Overall increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

CX Consulting

Customer Experience is more than just direct contact. We will use your customer feedback to help you enhance your website and provide educated recommendations on your overall experience. Our team will capture and analyze data from customer interactions to help drive your website's static content.

How we support:
  • Aggregate your customers' feedback to recommend modifications to your website usability (UX).
  • Use your reports to benchmark against your peers within the industry.
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