Looking to elevate your customer care?We can help.
Our experts will show you how to turn customer interactions into powerful growth.

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Our teams seamlessly integrate with the systems that already power your business, and optimize them for your customers.


Customer retention is the new customer acquisition. We partner with you to build custom-fit solutions to enhance your customers' experience.

Compass builds tailored, growth-focused solutions that drive customer loyalty for our partner brands. Our service offerings allow your customers to get the experience they deserve with every interaction.

24/7 CX Support

With dedicated staff and optimized staffing levels and schedules you get: faster response times and more satisfied customers. Our expertly trained teams provide email, phone, chat, SMS, and social media support that your customers can reach any time of day or night.
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Loyalty Optimization

Our skilled Quality Assurance team helps identify dissatisfaction drivers and optimize your processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
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Systems Optimization

From notifications to dispositions and routing to macros, we've got you covered. Our in-house support teams optimize and maintain your CRM with well-earned efficiency.
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Social Media

Our teams skillfully navigate social platforms to create meaningful customer exchanges. 
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Revenue Growth

Our dedicated agents (think personal shoppers) know your customers and products so well that they are able to make authentic suggestions to your customers turning CX from a cost center to a revenue driver.
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Selected clients we serve

We empowered a prominent subscription-based, eCommerce brand to define a customer approach that transformed their bottom line.

Reduction in overall Operating Expenses
CSAT achieved - 5x ROAS by Adding Proactive Chat
Customer Win-Back Rate via Chat
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"Compass has been an excellent partner, allowing us to scale our team quickly while providing an awesome experience for our customers."
Brian Kaufman
Director, Customer Experience at Bespoke Post

Our teams helped a leading apparel brand with a cult following translate its brand love to even greater customer satisfaction (CSAT) across multiple channels, resulting in significant growth. 

increase in sales YoY
increase in customer service tickets YoY
- 12% decrease in operating costs YoY
decrease in ticket resolution times
A woman sites behind her laptop screen.
"Compass' tailored solutions, informed by years of expertise with e-commerce retailers, helped decrease operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales."

We enabled a growth-focused food delivery service brand to maintain focus on offer development while our customer experience experts successfully converted leads into loyal subscribers.  

Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSAT)
Average Order Volume (AOV) increase within 6-months
Conversion rate for chat tickets.
A man standing with a laptop in hand.  He appears to be delivering a presentation to a group.
Compass developed a revenue-focused growth strategy by increasing the number of contact methods available to customers. By adding live channels (chat and phone service), Compass' customer service team was able to convert potential customers to loyal subscribers at an unprecedented pace.